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6w Intelligent LED Daytime Running Light

6w daytime running light with multi-function intelligent control units for universal vehicles
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1 Set 7" Long 6Wx2 Multi-function Universal LED DRLs For All Vehicles Daytime Running Light Daymarker Plug & Play


Power: 6*1W LEDs each light

Voltage: 9-32VDC

Fitment: All vehicles with enough installation space

Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Waterproof: IP67


Installation Instructions:

Red Wire: Battery "+"

Black Wire: Battery "-" (GND)

Blue Wire: Right side turn light "+" (flicker together with right turn light)

Brown Wire: Left side turn light "+" (flicker together with left turn light)

White Wire: Headlight low beam "+" (when headlights on, DRLs down to half brightness)

Yellow Wire: Leave it blank or add switch for manual control, or connect to ACC+

Orange Wire: Horn "+" (push horn button, DRLs strobe, "-" triggers type is unavailable)


Pull out the car key, DRLs will last several seconds and then off, lighting way home function.

The advantage of this kind wire harness is that you no need to find out which one is the ACC port in the fuse box, no need to get the harness pass through the clapboard between the front engine compartment and the passenger compartment, you know it is not easy to do it, just connect the red wire to battery "+" and black wire to battery "-", then ok, when engine starts, DRLs automatically on, engine off, seconds later (there is a delay for the DRLs) DRLs automatically off, very easy to install, it is a very humanity design.

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